Coldsteel the Hedgeheg was born in some place with a special power. He was stronger than any of his fellow classmates in the Sonic Fighting Academy. Later in his life, he served in the Sonic Military, fighting the dark forces of Shadow the Hedgehog. In the final battel against Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow turned Coldsteel the Hedgeheg to the darkness, and he killed Sonic. During this battel, he lost a part of his ear.

Coldsteel likes hurtin people, bein badass, motorcycles, the band "Nine Inch Nails", killing, death, punk rock, jinco jeans, skulls, darkness, hot gurls with big boobys who are sluts, Ninne inch nails on his finger, earrings (which aren't girly), and the color purple (the cool kind, not the gay kind)

Coldsteel dislikes happiness, Levis, Kevin Robinson from school, Trent Rezner, short nails, khaoskid663 (who is a fuckin Pokemon scammer fagot), sunshine, life, blood_skull_boi84's dad, and football.

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